Artist Teresa Margolles used water to mark 100 murder sites across LA. The water from that process was incorporated into the concrete used to erect this memorial to the victims of violence.

About This Project

Using water to mark 100 murder sites across LA, artist Teresa Margolles incorporated the water from that process to erect a single memorial to these victims of violence at Echo Park Lake. Our design, architectural, and engineering teams worked with Margolles to realize this structure. The work promoted a shared understanding and respect for its subjects and the individuals who’s lives were impacted by these deaths. The structure, “La Sombra” (The Shade), became a site of rest, a place of activity, and a moment of reflection for the thousands who crossed its path. “La Sombra” was a commission by the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs for the CURRENT:LA Water 2016 biennial.

Contemporary Art, Custom Fabrication, Public Art