Kerry Tribe – 356 Mission

“The Lost Note,” Kerry Tribe at 356 Mission. Our design studio transformed into a temporary gallery and workshop for Tribe while developing each bespoke chromed C-stand.

About This Project

For “The Lost Note,” artist Kerry Tribe’s first major solo exhibition at 356 Mission, we transformed a section of our design studio into a temporary gallery and workshop for Tribe. While developing the show, our team collaborated with Tribe on each bespoke chromed C-stand, bending and extruding the steel tubes into abstract shapes.

“Mixed-media sculptures are composed from the microphone booms and lighting stands common to a television studio. None functions as expected. One seems to hold up a wall, another is twisted into a graceful arabesque, like a dancer.  Each sleek, chrome tube has been bent out of shape and extruded. They’re abstract drawings in space.” – Christopher Knight LA Times



Contemporary Art, Custom Fabrication